News &amp; highlights affecting working people this week: August 31-September 4




  • [YES!!!!] California Worker Rights Bill On Governor's Desk, Capital Public Radio
  • California equal pay bill may be toughest in nation, Los Angeles Times
  • Uber Drivers' Labor Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status In California, Huffington Post
  • [great for a share] This steel industry battle shows why unions are necessary, Los Angeles Times

    • More on that: Scabbing in the New Gilded Age, Lawyers, Guns & Money
      “Probably the most underreported story in American labor right now is what’s going on steel”
  • OpEd: Trade pacts fail to benefit U.S. companiesm, San Diego Union Tribune
  • L.A. Landlords Seek to Put Tenants on the Hook for Water Bills, Capital & Main 
  • The Pacific Coast Farm Worker Rebellion, David Bacon
  • INVISIBLE NO MORE – Photography Show by David Bacon



  • [WOW] Seattle might try something crazy to let Uber drivers unionize, Washington Post
  • The Lifelong Effects Of The Gender Wage Gap, Think Progress
  • When Bosses Schedule Hours That Just Don’t Work New York Times Editorial
  • Low-wage workers are about to get some of the biggest raises they’ve ever seen, Washington Post
  • Obama labor board flexes its muscles, Politico
  • Anti-$15 Minimum Wage Ad Reveals How Fast-Food Companies Really Feel About Their Employees, Mic
  • Worker productivity in Q2 revised up to 3.3%, labor costs fall, USA Today
  • Wal-Mart Cuts Some Workers’ Hours After Pay Raise Boosts Costs, Bloomberg
  • Here’s How We Can Reverse Wage Stagnation, New Republic
  • This could be the new big idea about childcare from Democrats Washington Post Wonkblog
  • AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s new video calling out the GOP’s hateful rhetoric on immigration, AFL-CIO Now
  • When Unions and Civil Rights Activists Worked Together, OtherWords
  • True meaning of Labor Day, The Hill OpEd

Happy Labor Day Weekend!