News &amp; highlights affecting working people this week: September 7-11



Labor Day

California ​

  • Unions file new Wal-Mart labor complaint related to store closure, Reuters
  • In California, Uber Loses Another Round in Driver Debate, Wired
  • The Latest on Legislature: Wage theft bill heads to governor, AP
  • Understanding the economic impact of prevailing wage, San Diego Source
  • The grape strike that transformed a nation, 50 years later, Sacramento Bee
  • This is the city with the highest minimum wage in America, CNN Money
  • Few wage theft victims ever get their back pay, Los Angeles Times
  • 8 Bay Area Cities Push for Minimum Wage Raise, Next City
  • Wage showdown between dancers, strip clubs, San Diego Union Tribune
  • Can a Business-Labor Alliance Save California’s Infrastructure?, Capital &Main
  • San Francisco Professors and Students Face Staggering Rents, Capital &Main
  • Invisible no more, David Bacon


  • Bargaining for the American Dream, American Progress
  • Bath & Body Works to End On-Call Scheduling, Wall Street Journal
  • Larry Summers: Stronger unions must be part of the national agenda, Washington Post
  • Black Women Are Driving the Rebirth of the Labor Movement, Jezebel
  • Robert Reich: America’s economy is immoral, Salon
  • Unionization Important to Closing Racial Wage Gap, Study Says, New York Times
  • How an Area’s Union Membership Can Predict Children’s Advancement, New York Times
  • Low-wage workers are about to get some of the biggest raises they’ve ever seen, Washington Post Wonkblog
  • Al Jazeera America Digital Journalists Move To Unionize, Huffington Post
  • Understanding the Historic Divergence Between Productivity and a Typical Worker’s Pay. Economic Policy Institute
  • N.F.L. Cheerleaders’ Wage Fight Gains Momentum, New York Times
  • Unemployment rate falls to 5.1 percent, but Americans are not finding pay increases, Washington Post Wonkblog
  • This company shows paid parental leave doesn’t have to just be for white-collar workers, Washington Posy Wonkblog
  • [on the ever evolving freelance economy] Help for the Way We Work Now, NY Times OpEd
  • The Truth of ‘Black Lives Matter’, New York Times Editorial Board
  • The Employment Situation in August, White House
  • Wages Have Been Stagnant For 40 Years But It’s Not The Fault Of American Workers, ThinkProgress
  • Report explores why unions have few female leaders, Workday Minnesota
  • Your Cheap Uber Rides May Be Going Away. And That's a Good Thing., Mother Jones