NorCal Grocery Workers Embroiled in Contentious Bargaining with Raley’s, Safeway &amp; Save Mart

We are Northern California grocery workers, 52, 000 strong. We live in Northern California’s big cities and rural towns. We are parents, PTA members, little league coaches and taxpayers. We provide fresh and wholesome food to you and your families every day. We are your neighbors, we are the community. We are proud members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), California’s largest private sector union.

We are currently in contract negotiations with our employers — Raley’s, Safeway & Save Mart — for the renewal of an agreement to safeguard the income and healthcare we have worked hard to earn over many years. Right now the companies are demanding huge cuts to our family health coverage, reductions in hours and changes in scheduling that will diminish our ability to provide for and be with our families on a consistent basis. And in a particularly mean-spirited attack on the very people that built their businesses, they want to eliminate retiree medical benefits entirely.

We are asking our supporters to sign the pledge requesting that the companies to do the right thing and negotiate an agreement that allows us to continue to provide for our families and keep them healthy. You can sign the pledge and get updates on bargaining on our website.