On our radar this week

by Rachel Johnson 



News about labor unions and the middle class worth a read…


  • (!!!) It's time we admitted it: To save this country, we need labor unions, Business Insider
  • Fourteen arrests at California protest in support of childcare reforms, The Guardian
  • Silicon Valley Workers Say Paychecks Stolen, Benefits Denied, NBC Bay Area
  • California lawmakers advance 'wage theft' bill for workers, AP
  • California: $15 Minimum Wage Is Now a Step Closer in Los Angeles, NY Times
  • Los Angeles County home health workers seek $15-per-hour ‘living wage’, LA Daily News
  • Greenhouse: Op-Ed Will Gawker go union? LA Times
  • Gawker’s Idealism Is Exactly What the Labor Movement Needs, New Republic
  • As Gawker Writers Unionize, The Labor Movement Adapts To A Post-Union World, Buzzfeed
  • California pension initiative requires public vote on retirement benefits, SacBee
  • Missouri governor vetoes 'right to work' bill; here's why, LA Times
  • Who Is the Freelance Economy Hurting? Time
  • Aging in California: Shattered Dreams, Broken Care Systems, Capital & Main 
  • Staples to pay fired employee $275K in wages, benefits and damages after failing to inform him of job protections to care for ill family member, DOL