On our radar this week: June 15-19


News about labor unions and the middle class worth a read…


News & resources on Fast Track and the TPP this week: 

  •  Hillary Clinton takes a stand on trade, WaPo
  • Need more info on what happened yesterday? Check out this post by the AFL-CIO (has a good detailed sum-up): Fast Track: Where Are We Now? Take II, AFL-CIO
  • Labor ponders how hard to punish Democrats who back trade measures, LA Times
  • Labor buys ‘thank you’ ads for lawmakers who blocked Obama trade pact, WaPo
  • The Trade Agreement California Dodged – For Now, Capital & Main
  • How labor beat Obama on trade — for now, WaPo

Other highlights on our radar:

  • (!!!!!!!!) A California Labor Ruling Just Said an Uber Driver Is an Employee. That’s Uber’s Worst Nightmare. Slate
  • A California Ruling Just Challenged Uber's Entire Business Model, Bloomberg
  • Beyond labor ruling, Uber’s bigger ambition: on-demand deliveries, SF Chronicle
  • Los Angeles raises minimum wage to $15 per hour, AP
  • Stop Freaking Out: The Union-Backed Minimum Wage Exemption Isn’t About Paying Union Workers Less, In These Times
  • Los Angeles is ground zero for wage theft, Al Jazeera
  • San Diego County Restaurant Workers Report Wage Theft, KPBS
  • The pressing need for security in retirement, SacBee
  • Why Unions Win When They Win, Slate
  • (!!!!) California Building Trades Start Work on High Speed Rail, Labor Press
  • Walmart Accused of Using Charity to Sway Cities Where It Wants to Expand, NY Times
  • Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Undisclosed Overseas Tax Havens, Bloomberg
  • Is Gawker’s Unionization a Sign That Creative Workers Are Finally Realizing Their Worth? The Nation
  • How A Pay Rise For NY Fast-Food Workers Could Spread Across America, Buzzfeed
  • In Turnabout, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs, NY Times
  • Are bosses cheating workers out of overtime? PBS
  • Paid leave effort gets $1.25M to study expansion in U.S., DOL
  • Thousands of farm workers can't make a living, David Bacon