PG&amp;E Engineers Get the Word Out At Work About Whitman’s Wall Street Agenda

Most of the scientists and engineers at PG&E know that their jobs are increasingly vulnerable to outsourcing – but they don’t all know about Meg Whitman’s long and devastating track record when it comes to sending US jobs overseas.

To make sure their colleagues know the truth about Meg Whitman’s penchant for offshoring, a small but dedicated group of PG&E engineers and scientists (who are members of IFPTE-ESC Local 20) stuck around after work on Monday evening, and approached each of their co-workers one-on-one as they exited the office building in downtown Oakland to offer them information and educational materials on Meg Whitman’s history of outsourcing jobs as a corporate executive, as well as Jerry Brown’s strong track record when it comes to creating millions of good jobs in California.

Senior electrical engineer Ron Vance told one of his fellow workers:

I think Meg Whitman is part of some elite culture that maintains power by stealing from the working class.  It's obvious that she has no clue what real working-class families need from their government.

And senior design engineer Irving Joe remarked that Jerry Brown

is the most down to Earth candidate. He's reachable. And I think he's more of a civil servant than any other person running in this race.  He is a great candidate for Governor.

This worksite outreach effort organized by IFPTE-ESC Local 20 at PG&E is one of hundreds happening around the state. More than 250,000 flyers are being distributed at hundreds of union worksites throughout California this week, and hundreds of thousands more will be distributed by Election Day. Our goal is to reach out to a million union members at work between now and November.

While Whitman blankets the airwaves with her campaign propaganda, California union members are talking to each other face-to-face, and we all know that’s far more effective than any advertisement. We may be outspent, but we will never be out-organized.

It’s up to all of us to spread to the word, starting today. To download worksite flyers, click here. For more information on setting up a worksite flyer program at your worksite, email ssachen@calaborfed.org.