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A New Era: Hundreds of Retired Public Employees Elect New President


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A New Era: Hundreds of Retired Public Employees Elect New President

Northern California Native – George Linn Elected


The Retired Public Employees’ Association of California (RPEA), a statewide association representing more than 30,000 members, announced today that George Linn, currently on the RPEA State Board, will become the President of RPEA.

“We are very pleased that George, an accomplished industry veteran, will lead us forward. His strong leadership, combined with his deep knowledge of public pensions and health benefits will ensure our continued success into the future,” said the RPEA Board in their election announcement.

Linn brings more than 20 years of public service to the role. His decades of experience took place in the city he still calls home: San Francisco.

Linn was the Director of Audit at the San Francisco Housing Authority, a CalPERS contract agency, for eight years. He then worked as the Chief Auditor and Audits Director for 12 years with the City and County of San Francisco. Linn has many years of experience as an elected board member, including a seat on a national board of directors for over 20 years, a private secondary school for eight years, and several other civic and private boards.

Most recently, Linn served for six years as the RPEA Director of Public Relations. In this position he meet with legislators, testified at CalPERS committee hearings and board meetings and edited the RPEA bi-monthly newsletter.

“I am delighted that RPEA members have selected George as my successor,” said Harvey Robinson, immediate past RPEA president. “Linn will lead RPEA with thoughtfulness, style and energy. I know that under his leadership, the core values of this organization will remain strong.”

RPEA members from across the state attended the bi-annual General Assembly in Los Angeles (June 16-20), where they elected George Linn as their new president.

“I believe in teamwork to accomplish goals,” said Linn. “RPEA is a recognized leader for thousands of retired public employees who dedicated their lives to making California a better place to live. Working together with informed leadership, we can ensure those who kept our state moving forward are afforded the retirement they deserve.”  

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