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CA Labor Federation, Health Access Launch Digital Ad Campaign Demanding Transparency in Drug Pricing

California Labor Federation, Health Access Launch Digital Ad Campaign Demanding Transparency in Drug Pricing

Digital Ads Call on Legislators to Support SB 1010, ask ‘What’s Pharma Hiding?’

SACRAMENTO – The California Labor Federation and Health Access California today launched a digital ad campaign in support of SB 1010, a measure to provide transparency in prescription drug pricing.

Authored by Sen. Ed Hernandez, SB 1010 would require drug companies to inform businesses and workers, through health care purchasers, when drug costs increase significantly and provide a reason why – a similar level of notice and disclosure required by nearly all other players in the health care system. The bill is supported by a broad coalition of labor unions, business groups, health care advocates, and consumer groups.

The ad campaign asks “What’s Pharma Hiding” in response to pharmaceutical companies’ opposition to the bill even as drug prices soar, squeezing consumers, employers, and working people.

“For too long, big pharmaceutical companies have operated under a veil of secrecy, offering no explanation to patients and businesses when drug prices skyrocket, sometimes overnight,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “SB 1010 is a crucial first step in addressing soaring prices by shining a light on prescription drug costs. This campaign arms everyday people with the information they need to engage on this issue, countering the considerable influence of Big Pharma lobbyists at the State Capitol.”

Drug costs are increasing faster than any other part of our health care system, pushing up the price of coverage for workers and employers alike. Every dollar that goes to rising premiums is a dollar that does not go into workers’ pockets or allow employers to expand their business and create more jobs.

“Consumers should have a right to know when and why their prescription costs are increasing. The drug companies’ over-the-top reaction to this modest measure requiring very basic notice and disclosure raises the question—what is Big Pharma is hiding?” said Anthony Wright, Executive Director of Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition. “Pharma’s political power is significant, but we believe it can be overcome by people power—once the public is educated and engaged. This bill takes an important step to addressing the significant public questions and anger over skyrocketing prescription drug prices.”

The ad campaign seeks to raise awareness about the lack of transparency in drug pricing that’s driving health costs higher and asks why pharmaceutical companies, which donate heavily to elected officials, refuse to provide the same level of transparency as nearly all others in the health care system. The campaign will continue as long as necessary to give working people and consumers vital information that allows them to join the debate on this important issue.

Find more information on the bill here.


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