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California Labor Federation Announces General Election Endorsements

The California Labor Federation, representing 2.1 million union workers across the state, today announced endorsements in statewide constitutional, Assembly, Senate and congressional races and ballot measures for the November general election at California Labor’s Biennial Convention in Orange County, the epicenter of the fight for control of Congress this fall.

In the wake of a series of attacks on unions from the Supreme Court, congressional Republicans, the Trump Administration and the billionaire corporate special interests who bankroll their campaigns, delegates to the convention committed to the most energized campaign in California labor history. The campaign will focus on flipping Congress, electing worker-friendly candidates up and down the ballot and beating back the Republican-led attack on road and bridge safety by defeating Prop 6.

“Corporate CEOs and their lapdogs in the Republican-controlled Congress want to raze unions to the ground to eliminate the last line of defense for working people,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “Today, we launched the most sophisticated, energized campaign in our history to turn out voters – union and non-union alike – to take back our country and put working people back in the driver’s seat of this economy.”

Delegates to the California Labor Federation, representing unions across the state, voted on all endorsements for the General Election today. Delegates endorsed Gavin Newsom for Governor, Kevin de Leon for US Senate and took positions on ballot measures.

On ballot measures, highlights included a unanimous vote to oppose Prop 6, which would severely impact much-needed improvements to our state’s roads and bridges, and overwhelming support for Prop 8, which protects dialysis patients and workers.

Delegates also committed to massive mobilizations in at least seven congressional districts with the goal of turning Congress from red to blue. In addition to a volunteer-led campaign to turn out union voters, the Labor Federation is leading, along with NextGen America and community partners, a major door-to-door field campaign to educate and mobilize non-union voters on the candidates and issues at stake in key congressional races.

Endorsements are determined through a democratic process by which delegates to the California Labor Federation vote to support candidates and ballot measures.

For a complete list of endorsements, click here.

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