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California Labor Federation Launches New Website to Help Pandemic-Affected Workers Obtain Assistance They Need

December 17, 2020
Contact: Steve Smith 510-326-4644

One-stop shop for struggling workers at www.UnionRapidResponse.org

OAKLAND – The California Labor Federation launched today a new website to help workers affected by the pandemic obtain assistance ranging from unemployment insurance to health care and food. The new website UnionRapidResponse.org is a resource for both laid-off union members and all workers who are struggling with the economic and health impacts of COVID-19.

With this new online resource through the Labor Federation’s Workforce & Economic Development program, workers can now easily access rapid response support services online. The WED program is funded to provide rapid response services to California workers.

“Workers are struggling like never before as a result of the twin crises of economic recession and COVID-19,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “This new website is meant to ease the burden on California workers by including a number of valuable resources in one place, easily accessible by both union and non-union workers alike. We’re all in this together. California’s labor movement is laser-focused on doing everything in our power to provide workers desperately in need of help some assistance during this incredibly difficult time.”

Due to the increase of job losses since the pandemic began, the Labor Federation created a navigable tool to allow workers to easily access rapid response events happening near them. Rapid response is a presentation of workforce services where workers can interface directly with an Employment Development Department representative to learn how to apply for unemployment insurance and ask questions about benefits, speak to a Covered California agent about health care needs, obtain food assistance, and get access to job opportunities such as job fairs, resume writing workshops, and job training.

UnionRapidResponse.org is now available for all California workers experiencing the hardship of job loss, reduced hours or other economic difficulties.


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