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California Labor Focuses on Expanding Pro-Worker Majorities in State Legislature, Congress

The California Labor Federation, representing 2.1 million union workers across the state, today endorsed candidates for state legislature and Congress vowing to expand pro-worker majorities with a vigorous grassroots electoral campaign that will engage union members and the public in advance of California’s early primary. The Labor Federation did not endorse a candidate in the presidential primary.


“The 2020 elections could be the most pivotal in our nation’s history,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “While most eyes are on the presidential election, California has a unique opportunity to expand pro-worker majorities in Congress and the legislature to cement our state’s leadership in advancing an agenda that lifts up all working people. In advance of the primary, California’s unions are focused on building the most formidable grassroots campaign in the country to elect candidates at all levels who will fight to restore balance to our economy and give all working people a fair shot to get ahead.”


The convention kicks off California Labor’s statewide mobilization for 2020, in which thousands of union volunteers will volunteer on nights and weekends in support of candidates at every level who have demonstrated support for economic policies that put working people’s needs ahead of corporate greed. Labor’s electoral program in 2020 will be among its largest ever and will start earlier than ever before. Delegates vowed to defend the gains labor helped achieve in 2018 and will focus on expanding California’s pro-worker congressional delegation with concerted efforts to flip several districts including CA-22 and CA-50.


Endorsements are determined through a democratic process by which delegates to the California Labor Federation representing public and private sector unions vote to support candidates and ballot measures. Delegates voted today on endorsements for the March primary only. General election endorsements for candidates and ballot measures occur at the Federation’s Biennial Convention in August.

For a complete list of primary endorsements visit California Labor Federation’s site here.

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