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California Labor Federation Announces Endorsements for November 2012 General Election

California Labor Federation Announces Endorsements for General Election

Defeating Prop 32 Identified as a Top Priority This Fall

San Francisco — The California Labor Federation, representing 2.1 million union workers, today announced endorsements for all statewide ballot measures as well as State Assembly, Senate and congressional races for the November general election at its 2012 Biennial Convention.

Defeating Prop 32 was identified by delegates as a top priority this election year. Prop 32 is an unbalanced measure that would prevent workers from having a collective voice in politics while exempting wealthy individuals and many corporations from its provisions. The measure has been widely condemned as an effort to disguise an attack on unions under a phony veneer of reform.

“Prop 32 isn’t at all what it seems. It’s nothing more than a deceptive attack on workers funded by corporate special interests and billionaires,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “This measure won’t solve Sacramento’s problems. By rigging the system to benefit the very wealthy and corporate CEOs, Prop 32 would actually weaken our democracy and threaten middle class priorities. Once voters learn the truth, they’ll reject this cynical attempt to give more power to the already powerful.”

In addition to opposing Prop 32, delegates also expressed strong support for Prop 30, the governor’s initiative to protect schools and public safety from additional budget cuts.

“Budget cuts are shredding the California Dream,” Pulaski said. “Funding our schools and public safety is essential to rebuilding California and creating a healthier economy for the future. Prop 30 is vital to getting California back on track.”

Other proposition endorsements were as follows:

Prop 30 – Yes

Prop 31 – No

Prop 32 – No

Prop 33 – No

Prop 34 – Yes

Prop 35 – Yes

Prop 36 – Yes

Prop 37 – Yes

Prop 38 – No

Prop 39 – Referred to the Labor Federation Executive Council for final action

Prop 40 – Yes

The California Labor Federation unveiled its grassroots election plan at the convention. The campaign relies heavily on union volunteers to communicate with millions of voters across the state about the stakes in this election. The Labor Federation and affiliate unions will mobilize an army of more than 40,000 volunteers this summer and fall, which will contact voters at worksites, on the phone, at the door and online.

Endorsements are determined through a democratic process by which delegates to the California Labor Federation representing both public- and private-sector unions vote to support candidates and ballot measures.

For a full list of endorsements on candidate races, click here.


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