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California Labor Federation Endorses Jerry Brown for Governor

California Labor Federation Endorses Jerry Brown for Governor

Federation Also Endorses Barbara Boxer, Candidates for State, Federal Offices

Endorsements Trigger Launch of Labor’s Unprecedented Grassroots Campaign

The 2.1 million-member California Labor Federation today endorsed Jerry Brown for Governor, citing his longtime commitment to fighting for working families’ priorities. The endorsement of Brown and other candidates for June’s primary election kicks off labor’s unprecedented grassroots election campaign, which will be the broadest in history.

“Jerry Brown has spent a lifetime fighting for working families. Time and again, he’s shown that he’s on our side on jobs, health care, retirement security and so many other issues,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “The choice is clear. Meg Whitman is attempting a hostile takeover of California to force her dangerous Wall Street agenda on Californians. Jerry Brown is the people’s candidate — a proven, experienced leader who will stand up to the big banks and corporations and stand with working families to rebuild our economy.”

Brown’s record of being an innovative job creator and his longstanding support of workers were key factors in the endorsement decision, Labor Federation leaders said.

During Brown’s tenure as Governor from 1975-1983, he created nearly 2 million jobs and signed landmark workers’ rights legislation. He gave California teachers, school employees and other state and local government workers the right to bargain collectively for the first time. As Attorney General, Brown sued large corporations that exploited their workers, winning millions in settlements for workers in construction and other industries.

To counter Meg Whitman’s record spending, which analysts predict will add up to more than $200 million by November, the California Labor Federation is launching an unprecedented grassroots mobilization to educate millions of union members and working families on the candidates’ positions on core economic issues.

“Meg Whitman wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to avoid having a real conversation with voters about the future of our state,” Pulaski said. “We’ve got news for her: This isn’t eBay. California families’ votes aren’t for sale to the highest bidder. It’s not going to be dollars over the air that decides this election, it’ll be boots on the ground.”

Elements of the Federation’s multi-million dollar campaign include:

  • Activating and deploying 25,000 volunteers statewide;
  • Mobilizing more than 2 million union voters in support of working-family candidates;
  • Emphasis on direct voter communication to union families – which account for up to 20 percent of all votes statewide — including phone calls, mail, e-mail, websites, social networking and in-person contact at both the door and the worksite;
  • Sustained grassroots actions across the state to expose Meg Whitman’s Wall Street agenda;
  • The most cutting-edge and targeted voter communication program ever used in California to ensure working families receive the information they want and need on the candidates and issues they care about;
  • An Independent Expenditure campaign to reach non-union workers through the mail, in person and on the air about the candidates’ positions on core economic issues.

The Labor Federation also endorsed U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in her bid for re-election. Sen. Boxer has been a stalwart of support on working family issues during her time in the Senate. She’s championed important priorities like job creation, health care reform, reining in the financial industry, workers’ freedom to join unions and protecting our environment.

“California families couldn’t have a better friend in Washington, DC than Sen. Barbara Boxer,” Pulaski said. “Whether it’s taking on the Big Banks, Big Oil or Big Insurance, she battles for us every single day. Her re-election is critical to our economic recovery as a state and nation.”

In addition to the Governor’s race, the Labor Federation made primary election endorsements for statewide constitutional offices, ballot measures, congressional seats and state Senate and Assembly seats.

  • Lieutenant Governor- DUAL: Janice Hahn (D) and Gavin Newsom (D)
  • Attorney General- Open (D) — All Democratic candidates for this office were deemed acceptable by California Labor Federation delegates
  • Secretary of State- Debra Bowen (D)
  • Treasurer- Bill Lockyer (D)
  • Controller- John Chiang (D)
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction- Tom Torlakson (D)
  • Insurance Commissioner- DUAL: Hector De La Torre (D) and Dave Jones (D)
  • Board of Equalization-

    • District 1- Betty Yee (D)
    • District 2- Chris Parker (D)
    • District 3- No Endorsement
    • District 4- Jerome Horton (D)

For a complete list of endorsements, click here.



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