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California Labor Federation Unveils Endorsements, Path to Victory in November

California Labor Federation Unveils Endorsements, Path to Victory in November

California Unions Commit to Massive Mobilization to Win in California, Nationally

OAKLAND — The California Labor Federation, representing 2.1 million union workers across the state, today announced endorsements in State Assembly, Senate and congressional races for the November general election at California Labor’s Biennial Convention in Oakland.

The convention thrusts the labor election-year mobilization into high gear, with delegates committing to a massive mobilization in California and neighboring states to win the presidency, state ballot measures, and congressional, state senate and assembly races. In the coming months, tens of thousands of volunteers will contact hundreds of thousands voters on the phone, at the door and at the worksite to highlight the stakes of this election for working people.

In the race for US Senate, the Labor Federation delegates voted to endorse Kamala Harris, noting her support of working people on issues including combatting wage theft, protecting homeowners, standing up to the big banks and calling for trade deals that safeguard good jobs.

Delegates endorsed Proposition 55, an important measure to fund vital services including schools, and Proposition 56, which taxes tobacco to increase funding for health care services. Delegates voted to oppose Proposition 53, a deceptive measure that makes it more difficult to rebuild the state’s crumbling infrastructure and could cost California good jobs.

The AFL-CIO previously endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Delegates prioritized winning the presidential election by mobilizing in California and neighboring states to elect Clinton and defeat Donald Trump.

“The stakes for working people couldn’t be higher this election year,” said California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski. “We’re committed to organizing at unprecedented levels to deliver victories for candidates and ballot campaigns that support good jobs, economic equality and a brighter future for our communities and families.”

Endorsements are determined through a democratic process by which delegates to the California Labor Federation vote to support candidates and ballot measures.

For a complete list of endorsements, click here.


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