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California Labor Launches Largest-Ever GOTV Effort, Reaching 4 Million Voters in Last 7 Days

California Labor Federation Launches Largest-Ever GOTV Effort, Reaching 4 Million Voters in Last 7 Days

New TV Ad Urges Californians: “Protect Yourself From a Meg Moment,” VOTE!

View ad at: http://bit.ly/d7fou0

OAKLAND, CA – The California Labor Federation today announced it’s mounting the largest Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort in its history over the next seven days, supporting Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer and other working family candidates on the November 2 ballot. 

More than 30,000 volunteers will deploy across the state to talk to two million union voters about the high stakes for working people in this year’s election. The Labor Federation will also reach just as many voters who don’t belong to unions but who share the same concerns over jobs, the economy, and investment in schools and services families count on.

“No one wants to wake up on November 3 and have a ‘Meg Moment,’ realizing they should have voted but they didn’t. We’re urging union members, non-union members and everyone who cares about investing in good jobs, better schools and a cleaner environment to vote for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer on November 2,” said Art Pulaski, the Labor Federation’s executive secretary-treasurer. “Our unprecedented grassroots effort is proving wrong the pundits who said the power of our message couldn’t match Whitman’s limitless pocketbook.”

The Labor Federation also unveiled a new TV ad that will air through Election Day across the state, urging Californians to “Protect Yourself from a Meg Moment” by voting. The ad uses Whitman’s own words to expose her unacceptable failure to vote for much of her adult life, while at the same time urging people to get to the polls to avoid a “Meg Moment.” The ad can be viewed at http://bit.ly/d7fou0.

This week’s mobilization caps the Labor Federation’s unprecedented voter contact program, which used sophisticated voter-targeting technology alongside traditional, boots-on-the-ground campaigning over the last few months. The effort was successful in reaching millions of voters with the message that Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer stand with workers and their families, while Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina’s allegiance is to the same Wall Street greed that fueled California’s economic crisis and resulted in record unemployment that has hurt millions of California families.

California Labor Federation GOTV By the Numbers:

  • Volunteers in final week: 30,000
  • GOTV mailers: 1.2 million
  • GOTV phone calls: 3.1 million
  • Doors knocked between now and Election Day: 250,000
  • GOTV fliers passed out at worksites in final week: 500,000
  • Worksite fliers passed out since April: 2.8 million

In addition to the massive union member mobilization, the California Labor Federation is mobilizing an additional two million working-class non-union voters to get to the polls in support of Boxer, Brown and other working family candidates. The GOTV effort to reach non-union voters is the culmination of a targeted voter contact program to working-class voters in areas of the Central Valley, Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego. The effort includes micro-targeted mail, phone calls, door knocks and sophisticated Internet outreach to deliver information on the candidates and issues these voters care about. The Labor Federation has also launched a program to engage Asian Pacific Americans in the election, making hundreds of thousands of GOTV contacts to these voters by phone and mail in four languages.




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