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California Labor Thanks Labor Secretary Marty Morgenstern for a Lifetime of Commitment to Workers

California Labor Thanks Morgenstern for a Lifetime of Commitment to Workers

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski

“All workers owe outgoing Labor Secretary Marty Morgenstern a debt of gratitude for his tireless dedication to workers’ rights over a lifetime of service to our cause. Throughout his career, Marty always sought to ensure working people were getting a fair shake. As he said last year when addressing warehouse workers who had been marching for their rights, ‘No one should have to march for 50 miles for basic rights.’  That describes Marty in a nutshell. He’s always been an advocate for the little guy, never afraid stand up for what he believes. His principled leadership and commitment to protecting workers’ interests will be sorely missed. We wish Marty health and happiness in retirement, and we know his advocacy for workers will continue.

“We commend the Governor on his selection of David Lanier as Morgenstern’s replacement. We’re confident that Lanier will honor the legacy Marty built as Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development.  Lanier has been a strong voice for workers in the administration, helping to advance workers’ compensation reform, enterprise zone reform and increasing the minimum wage, among many other successes. We congratulate Lanier on this appointment, and look forward to working closely with him to secure more important victories for workers in the future.”


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