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California Working Families to Shadow John McCain’s Fundraising Visit to State

California Working Families to Shadow John McCain's Fundraising Visit to State

AFL-CIO Union Families to Press Sen. McCain on Growing Economic Crisis


AFL-CIO working families will be awaiting Sen. John McCain at many stops during his highdollar fundraising swing through affluent California communities this week to express outrage at his support of the Bush economic policies that are failing working families every day. As part of the AFL-CIO’s new “McCain Revealed” campaign, California workers will expose McCain’s faulty economic policies and call on him to address their priorities and concerns.

McCain is scheduled to appear across California this week attending private, high-dollar fundraisers in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Pebble Beach and San Francisco. Most of the events cost $2,300 just to get through the door. Local workers will be outside the fundraisers to inform attendees of Sen. McCain’s do-nothing approach to the mortgage crisis and a quickly failing economy, and to urge them to demand that Sen. McCain promise to take positive action to reverse those trends. The goal is to urge McCain to address working families’ financial hardships, rather than skip through the state raising money from those benefiting from the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

“John McCain simply fails to recognize how the current economic situation is negatively impacting California's working families,” said Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation. “He could spend his time in California this week meeting with workers who are facing home foreclosure or bankruptcy due to the sky-rocketing costs of basic necessities like health care and
gas. But instead, he's dedicating his time to courting wealthy donors to contribute to his campaign war chest.”

McCain will also give an address on his vision for foreign policy Wednesday in Los Angeles. McCain has pledged to keep troops in Iraq for 100 years, if necessary. Union activists will gather outside to highlight how a prolonged presence in Iraq would impact working family priorities, including public education and fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure.

“McCain Revealed” is an AFL-CIO national campaign to expose Sen. John McCain's economic record and plans to continue the failed Bush economic agenda, and to generate public pressure on him to support policies that advance their interests. To learn more, go to www.mccainrevealed.org.


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