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Electoral Victories Pave the Way for Lasting Change

Electoral Victories Pave the Way for Lasting Change

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski


“Thanks to the millions of voters across the state and the nation who made their voices heard in this historic election, California and the country are charting a new course that will deliver real change on real issues for real people.

“Together, we said yes to building an economy that reflects our values and rewards the hard work of the middle class. We said yes to every American’s right to health care and fair wages. We said yes to ending politics as usual and tackling our most difficult problems with common purpose.

“Working families have done more than just say yes to ideas. We worked hard to elect new leaders who make real commitments to rebuilding middle class lives.

“We’ve made more than a million phone calls and knocked on tens of thousands of doors across the state to tell our neighbors and co-workers about the hope for a new economic plan and a new course for our country, the centerpiece of which will be workers’ rights and affordable health care.

“Yesterday, that hard work paid off. Nationally, we have replaced the most anti-worker President in a century with a champion of working families. When the state legislature begins its work in December, it will include new members like Manuel Perez, Marty Block and Joan Buchanan – community leaders dedicated to moving California forward.

“This election has proven that we are united in our pursuit of good jobs, a fair economy and health care for all and united in our rejection of the scare tactics used to divide us.

“Together, California’s working families will now take on their most important challenge – translating election night victories into lasting political change that will improve the lives of all workers.

“Starting today, our unions begin to focus on winning the Governor’s race in 2010.”


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