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Governor Uses ‘State of the State’ Address to Peddle More Empty Promises

Governor Uses 'State of the State' Address to Peddle More Empty Promises

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski


“While the rest of the country is focused on turning the page on eight years of failed Bush economics, it’s clear that Gov. Schwarzenegger is stuck in a time warp. The Governor’s failed approach to balance the budget through job cuts, inadequate revenue increases and drastically reduced services is precisely the wrong prescription for our ailing economy.

“Working families deserved much better than they heard today. Instead of embracing real solutions to lift California out of this economic morass, the Governor used his State of the State address to peddle more empty promises.

“The Governor’s repeated slash-and-burn tactics to balance the budget have left working families much worse off than we were five years ago. Schwarzenegger’s response to the current budget crisis is so weak that he can’t even gain support from his own party, much less build consensus, bi-partisan support as true leaders do. That lack of leadership comes at severe cost to working families. Our credit rating is tanking, thousands of jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure are threatened and working people’s long-term economic security is in danger.

“The Governor’s profound failure to lead in this time of crisis will be his legacy.

“With working families facing sharply rising unemployment, mass layoffs and stagnating wages, it’s imperative that we stop the bleeding now. California should take a page out of President-elect Obama’s playbook and stimulate the economy by creating, not eliminating, jobs. We also must take immediate steps to shore up our unemployment system and stem the tide of rising home foreclosures.

“These are the real policies of change – plans that will put Californians back to work and get our economy going again.”



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