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Governor’s Devastating May Budget Revision Chokes Off Hope For Economic Recovery

Governor's Devastating May Budget Revision Chokes Off Hope For Economic Recovery

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski

“With today's revision of the state budget, Gov. Schwarzenegger has accelerated his slash-and-burn cuts to vital services into an all-out scorched earth campaign. At a time when joblessness and recession continue to batter California families, the devastating cuts the Governor proposes would choke off any hope of economic recovery.

“The Governor's devastating cuts to the programs that serve parents, seniors and the elderly will not only harm the state's most vulnerable populations, but will damage the broader economy. CalWORKS and the In-Home Supportive Services Program provide critical support to mothers looking for employment and to seniors and the disabled who need assistance to survive on their own.

“The Governor's proposed salary and benefit cuts to public employees would place additional hardship on workers already reeling from furloughs and layoffs, and would shutter businesses those workers support. Additionally, the Governor made good on his promise to deliver “terrible cuts” to other vital programs, like our state's welfare-to-work program, public education, children's health care, programs to support vulnerable immigrant families, and subsidized child care.

“California's working families demand a fair budget that isn't balanced on the backs of middle-class and low-income workers. This budget fails miserably by nearly every measure. The Governor yet again chooses to ignore the will of the people and instead panders to the narrow interests of his wealthy friends and benefactors. The Legislature must forcefully reject the Governor's proposals and pass a budget that will protect working families and help our economy return to solid footing.”


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