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New Budget Proposal Strikes Much-Needed Balance Between Cuts and Revenues

California Labor Federation Statement on Governor’s Budget Proposal

California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski released the following statement today on the release of Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal:

“Today’s budget proposal underscores the seriousness of California’s ongoing economic crisis. While Gov. Brown’s proposal isn’t perfect, it at least strikes a much-needed balance between cuts and revenues. Our state simply can’t sustain a cuts-only budget if we’re to have any hope of emerging from the current economic morass.

“While the proposed cuts are certain to inflict greater pain on those least able to endure it in this harsh economic environment, we’re hopeful that Gov. Brown’s balanced solution to the budget crisis signals a willingness to look at all options. It’s a good sign that he’s making an effort to engage the public so deeply and openly in this process.

“We’re encouraged by Brown’s proposal to eliminate costly corporate tax giveaways that are bleeding the state of billions of dollars without producing any economic benefits. All solutions to generate revenue for our cash-starved state should be on the table. Brown’s budget also spares education funding deep cuts that would hurt our kids and further erode hope of economic recovery.

“Today’s budget proposal is merely the opening salvo in what is sure to be an important public debate about the direction of our state. The California labor movement looks forward to contributing to that debate, forcefully advocating for protecting the vital services that our state’s working families depend upon.”


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