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News affecting working people this week: September 28-October 2

News & highlights affecting working people this week: September 28-October 2

by Rachel Johnson




  • Uber will change Oakland, but will Oakland change Uber? SF Chron
  • Tech bus drivers forced to live in cars to make ends meet, SF Chron
  • Opinion Death, drones, drugs — and other legislation that needs the governor's blessing, LA Times (with a nod to wage theft bill SB 588), LA Times
  • Eclipsed by Cesar Chavez, Larry Itliong's Story Now Emerges, NBC News
  • From Carter To California: Automatic Registration Is The New Endgame For Elections, HuffPo
  • Moderate Assembly Democrats emerge as powerful pro-business force, Contra Costa Times
  • More than 100 LA taxi drivers vote to join national union KPCC
  • GrubHub, DoorDash and Caviar face lawsuits over worker misclassification, LA Times
  • Striking Warehouse Staff Call On Amazon For Better Pay And Conditions, Buzzfeed
  • California judge throws out anti-union election, points to grower money, David Bacon

Emerge California, a fantastic program that provides training and mentorship opportunities for women who are considering running for office in California, is accepting applications for their Class of 2016. Deadline is due October 9th. You can apply or recommend a woman to apply (one of the major driving forces for women choosing to run for office). More info on the application and program here –> laborfed.ca/1KS3rxC 


  • [wow!] The unexpected upshot of John Boehner’s ouster: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is in danger, Salon
  • Unions enjoying resurgence in ranks, popularity (details spike in membership in Indiana after RTW law went into effect), North West Indiana Times
  • ThinkProgress Staffers Unionize With Writers Guild, HuffPo
  • Al Jazeera America Will Not Recognize Union: NLRB Elections Underway, IBT
  • Tom Perez: Encouraging Progress on Paid Leave, HuffPo
  • Two Drivers Seek Repeal of Uber Arbitration Policy, Politico
  • Food Stamps In Crosshairs of Shutdown, US News
  • [viral status!] Why I joined the auto-workers union, CNBC
  • [ya think?!] Political Appeal of Bashing American Unions May Have Peaked, Bloomberg
  • This is why I support a SAG-AFTRA strike authorization for video games — and it isn’t about money. [side note Medium like Mic is turning into a great forum for blog posts like this and giving them a chance to go further than they normally would have…good to keep in mind] Medium
  • When America Was 'Great,' Taxes Were High and Unions Were Strong, Atlantic
  • How Unions May Target Hispanic Wage Gap to Revive Membership, WSJ
  • Equal Pay for Women Can Cut Poverty in Half, Boost Wages Significantly, AND Grow the Economy. Can Any Other Policy Lever Do That? HuffPo
  • Pissed-Off UN Interns Protest Unpaid Internships Outside UN Headquarters, Vice
  • 50 Years of Labor Rights as Civil Rights in Action, Tom Perez in DOL Blog
  • [true story: my newest nightmare features tontines] It’s sleazy, it’s totally illegal, and yet it could become the future of retirement, WaPo
  • Hillary Clinton to Propose Scrapping Health Law’s ‘Cadillac Tax’, NY times

Happy Friday! My gift to you: 

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