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Gig Companies’ Lawsuit Meritless, California Unions Vow to Defend Landmark AB 5 Law

AB 5 is the most important state law in decades to address widespread inequality by raising wages for workers and holding corporations accountable. Rather than comply with the law to provide workers with basic protections and economic security, big corporations embarked on a spending frenzy to overturn it. Today’s lawsuit by Uber and Postmates is […]

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California Labor Focuses on Expanding Pro-Worker Majorities in State Legislature, Congress

The California Labor Federation, representing 2.1 million union workers across the state, today endorsed candidates for state legislature and Congress vowing to expand pro-worker majorities with a vigorous grassroots electoral campaign that will engage union members and the public in advance of California’s early primary. The Labor Federation did not endorse a candidate in the […]

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Labor’s Statement on Uber/Lyft/Doordash Announcement

Instead of providing drivers with a real living wage and job protections that all workers deserve, massive gig corporations plan to spend more than $100 million to avoid complying with the law. This measure is another brazen attempt by some of the richest corporations in California to avoid playing by the same rules as all […]

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In Monumental Victory for Workers, Gov. Newsom Signs AB 5 into Law

Today’s signing of AB 5 is one of the most significant victories for workers in a generation. For far too long, big corporations skirted their responsibility to provide basic protections to workers by calling them independent contractors instead of recognizing them as employees. With his signature on AB 5, Gov. Newsom sends a clear message […]

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AB 5 Approval a Historic Win for California Workers

By approving AB 5, the California legislature solidified our state’s position as the national leader on workplace rights, setting the standard for the rest of the country to follow. The misclassification of workers creates a corrosive effect that ripples through our entire economy, undermining our laws to protect and support working people. AB 5 is […]

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California Unions Vow to Defeat Gig Company Ballot Measure That Would Strip Workers of Basic Protections and Wages

Instead of improving working conditions and paying drivers a living wage, Uber and Lyft announced they will spend tens of millions of dollars to lead a political campaign to undermine the Dynamex decision and strip those same drivers of basic protections on the job. This announcement lays bare the real motivation of multi-billion dollar gig companies. They […]

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California Labor Commends Assembly on Passing AB 5

Millions of workers are living a life of insecurity because corporations refuse to abide by the law and offer the basic protections that come with being recognized as an employee. With today’s passage of AB 5 in the state Assembly, these workers are one step closer to the justice on the job they deserve.   […]

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California Labor Condemns Trump’s Move to Revoke HSR Funding

By revoking nearly $1 billion in federal funds allocated by Congress for California’s high-speed rail project, the Trump Administration is attempting to kill thousands of good, family-supporting jobs our state desperately needs. High-speed rail is a voter-approved job-creating engine that’s advancing our state’s clean energy goals. Trump’s move to rip these funds away from California […]

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California Labor Applauds 100 Percent Legislators Who Stand with Working People, Fight Trump’s Attacks

The California Labor Federation released its Force for Progress legislative scorecard for 2018 today, applauding those in the state legislature who voted to support working people on key priorities like strengthening the middle class, fighting sexual and racial discrimination in the workplace, affordable housing, infrastructure investment, protection of immigrant workers and other worker issues 100 […]

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