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Record Number of Legislators Score Perfectly on California Labor’s Scorecard


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Record Number of Legislators Score Perfectly on California Labor’s Scorecard

2023 Legislative Scorecard Shows State Senate and Assembly Increasingly Aligned With the Priorities of California’s Unions

Sacramento, CA – (Friday, March 1, 2024) – Today, the California Labor Federation released its 2023 Legislative Scorecard, documenting an increasing number of California legislators with a perfect pro-working Californians voting record. In 2023, 36 lawmakers earned a 100 percent score from the California Labor Federation.

In 2023, workers stood up and demanded more from employers and the legislature. Working Californians unionized, fought for the wellbeing of their communities at the bargaining table, and went on strike to win fairer wages, benefits they could count on, and job security at levels not seen in decades. The 2023 legislative session reflected this resurgence with big, bold labor bills being introduced in every industry.

“2023 was truly a historic year for working Californians and their unions,” said Lorena Gonzalez, leader of the California Labor Federation, representing 1,300 unions with over 2.3 million union members across the state. “The tremendous support we saw on the picket line and in our communities spilled over to our Legislature, as our elected representatives championed worker priorities.” 

On the other hand, Governor Newsom disappointingly scored 70% on Labor’s priorities last year. The California Labor Federation has vowed to reintroduce vetoed legislation that saves good union jobs, strengthens the ability of working Californians to bargain strong contracts, and makes it easier to join unions across the Golden State.

The California Labor Federation’s Force for Progress Legislative Scorecard rates the performance of lawmakers and the Governor in supporting the priorities of working Californians both annually and over the course of their tenure in office. To view the full 2023 Legislative Scorecard, please visit: https://calaborfed.org/scorecard/.

The California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO represents over 1,300 affiliated unions in California with over 2.3 million union members in trucking, retail, hospitality, janitorial, construction, health care, local and state government, education, arts and entertainment, warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, and a variety of other sectors. 


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