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Response to the California Budget Project Report Released Today

Response to the California Budget Project Report Released Today Titled “Would the Governor's Proposed Tax Credit Make Health Care Affordable?”

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski


“The California Budget Project's analysis of Schwarzenegger's tax credit conclusively shows that his 'reform' proposal is little more than window dressing and simply won't help the Californians who need it. This analysis proves that the Governor's health care plan does not make health care more affordable to middle-income families, it does not live up to the Governor's promise of shared responsibility, and it comes down squarely on the side of business at the expense of California's middle-income families.

“While the Governor grabs headlines with his promises of affordability, the fine print shows that his rhetoric is far grander than his concern for working Californians. The Governor's plan does not include any specific numbers about the financial burden that working and middle-income families would be forced to bear under the penalty of law, and it puts California families in the no win position of choosing between breaking the law or breaking their finances. We appreciate that the Governor has attached his political legacy to health care – but we need real reform that will make health care more affordable for working and middle-income families. For our part, we are committed to real health care reform and believe that the Governor needs to put forth a plan that truly reflects a post-partisan approach.”

For the entire California Budget Project Report, go to http://www.cbp.org/pdfs/2007/0710_bb_taxcredit.pdf.


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