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Statement from CLF Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski on signing of SB3

Statement from California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski on signing of SB 3 to raise California's minimum wage to $15

With the Governor’s signature on SB 3 today, California strikes a serious blow to income inequality. This new law lifts families and strengthens our communities.

The statement California made today will echo throughout the country. By boosting 6 million workers across the state, we’re saying that all work is valued and all working people have value. No matter your job, you are contributing to the economic success of your company, your community and your nation. By lifting those at the bottom of the economic ladder, we level the playing field for everyone. California is setting all workers on a path out of poverty and restoring the American Dream.

This historic signing is testament to the power working people hold when we stand together to fight for justice. California has once again set the bar for the rest of the country. We’re on the leading age of a movement to change America. The wave of higher wages that starts here today will cascade to other states, bringing with it fresh hope to millions of working people across the country.


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