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Statement on Tony Thurmond Appointment to Chair of Assembly Labor

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski on the Appointment of Tony Thurmond as Chair of the Assembly Labor Committee

We congratulate Assemblymember Tony Thurmond on his appointment as chair of the vitally important Assembly Labor Committee. Thurmond has already demonstrated his commitment to working people through his leadership on the budget committee in advocating for those struggling to make ends meet. He has authored bills to protect healthcare workers, promote affordable housing, and champion civil rights.

Over the last four years, the Assembly Labor Committee addressed some of the greatest threats faced by California workers: retaliation against workers who speak out for their rights, intimidation of immigrant workers, and the lack of accountability for violations in the subcontracted economy.

We thank former Chair Roger Hernandez for his leadership on the committee and for authoring key legislation on each of those issues to protect the most vulnerable workers and ensure basic labor protections.

We’re confident that under Thurmond’s leadership, this committee will continue ensuring California sets the national standard on workers’ rights. Thurmond is a thoughtful and compassionate leader who will fight for good jobs and fair treatment for all workers. At a time of record inequality, we look forward to working with Thurmond to promote good labor standards that lead to better jobs, stronger communities and a more vibrant middle class. This appointment demonstrates Speaker Anthony Rendon’s strong commitment to tackle income inequality and protect workers’ rights.


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