Queen Meg’s Crown Jewels and Other Items Up for Auction

You can own a piece of royal history, or even better, give a little something from the Queen herself as a holiday gift. Slow down, we’re not talking about some stuffy old English monarchial memorabilia. We’re talking about the one and only U.S.-born Queen Meg.

Surely you remember Queen Meg, the California Nurses Association’s (CNA’s) satirical imperial parody of free-spending billionaire Meg Whitman and her failed bid to buy California’s governorship.

The good queen has graciously donated some of her most prized possessions for a Royal Holiday Auction to benefit the Nicky Diaz Legal Defense Fund. Diaz is Whitman’s former housekeeper who worked for Whitman for nine years. She says Whitman knew she was undocumented for several years before Whitman fired her shortly before she announced her candidacy in 2009.

eBay is hosting the auction, sponsored by the CNA.  Find the auction here.

In a message from her hideaway, where she is recovering from her embarrassing and costly $150 million defeat, Queen Meg says:

My coronation has been sadly delayed by the shockingly disloyal votes of some residents of my realm.  But on this day, when our wise leaders in Congress have decided to help restore the annoying dent in my royal treasury with some hard-earned new tax breaks, I am feeling magnanimous.

Zenei Cortez, RN, co-president of CNA says Queen meg “was more than a parody, she was a symbol of our broken politics.”

Let’s use her campaign for good—and do what Meg Whitman wouldn’t—by supporting the legal efforts of housekeeper Nicky Diaz

Among the items available to the highest bidder are:

Donations can be mailed directly to: Nicky Diaz Defense Fund, 1442-A Walnut Street #303, Berkeley, Calif., 94709.