Raley’s-Nob Hill Workers Stage Historic Strike Against Unfair Labor Practices

Over the past 15 months, the management at Raley’s-Nob Hill stores have been violating workers’ rights at every angle. The workers have been harassed, intimidated, interrogated, threated with termination and demoted. The management has even gone so far as telling their workers to quit their union, UFCW.

Raley’s is intent on ending medical care for retirees, jeopardizing the healthcare of more than 7,400 families, reducing pay, eliminating wage premiums for working nights, Sundays and holidays, and establishing two different classes of workers: those hired after the next contract and those hired before.

The workers and their unions, UFCW local 5 and UFCW local 8GS, have tried everything to defend themselves. They’ve filed charges and have engaged in lengthy and intense negotiations, but Raley’s continues to bargain in bad faith through a union buster.

On Sunday, November 4th, workers finally walked off the job, beginning a historic strike to defend the very principles of the labor movement. They have been striking since Sunday, and will stay on the picket line until Raley’s-Nob Hill agrees to negotiate a fair contract. Local 8 President Jacque Loveall and Local 5 Preisdent Ron Lind:

We look forward to returning to the bargaining table when Raley’s management has adopted a more constructive attitude. Our goal from the beginning is to negotiate a fair agreement serving the needs of both Raley’s and its union employees.

There are three important ways you can help these striking workers:

  1. Join the workers on the picket line. UFCW’s Three Days of Justice Campaign begins today and concludes Sunday at 8pm. Join UFCW members to show Raley’s this fight is about the entire labor movement. To view a full list of UFCW 8 stores, click here. To sign up to adopt a UFCW 5 store, click here.

  2. Don’t shop at Raley’s or Nob Hill. Encourage everyone you know not to cross the picket line. Please take your business to Safeway, Save Mart, Rite Aid, and other union retailers. To view a full list of safe places to shop, click here.

  3. Move your Raley’s prescriptions to a union pharmacy. If you have a prescription at a Raley’s store, please call your nearest union Rite Aid, Safeway or Save Mart pharmacy, give them your prescription number, and ask them to transfer your prescription from Raley’s.

To keep up with the latest news and updates from the picket line, follow UFCW5 on Twitter and UFCW 8 on Facebook.