Resolutions adopted at the 2016 Biennial Convention

Resolution 3: Colombian Resolution
Resolution 4: Honduras Resolution
Resolution 5: Solidarity Resolution
Resolution 6: Resolution Relating to Overtime for Farm Workers
Resolution 7: Support all United Efforts to Stop the Deregulation of Legacy Telephone Service, Save Good Union Jobs, and to Protect Consumers
Resolution 8: Repairing California’s Broken Unemployment Insurance System Before the Next Recession
Resolution 9: Retirees as a Political Action Resource
Resolution 10: Distribution of Constitution and Rules and Order of Business as Adopted at Biennial Conventions
Resolution 11: Racial Injustice
Resolution 12: Support the Nevada AFL-CIO to Tell the Truth About Donald Trump
Resolution 13: Resolution Demanding the Immediate Release from a Saudi Arabian Prison of SEIU Local 87 Member Zaid Abozaid
Resolution 14: Resolution for Sustainable Public Schools and the Right of All Educational Workers to Organize Without Employer Interference or Coercion at Charter Schools
Resolution 15: Resolution Regardng Using Sag-Aftra Members: “Don’t Shoot Non-Union!”
Resolution 16: Support Immigrant Workers
Resolution 17: Support Immigrant Workers
Resolution 18: Solidarity with Victims of Police Brutality
Resolution 19: Opposition to “By-Right” Housing Proposal Real Estate Industry Giveaway
Resolution 20: Climate Change, Clean Energy and Union Jobs
Resolution 21: Commendation to Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265 for Achieving Historic Apprenticeship Designation for Bus Operators