Resources for Families Impacted by the Government Shutdown

Below is a list of resources for workers who have been furloughed, locked out of work or otherwise impacted by the GOP government shutdown. We will be updating this list as we receive more info in the coming days. 

Resources for furloughed workers

  • When the Paycheck Stops: Step-by-step help for surviving the lockout. (PDF available in English or Spanish
  • NLC Invested: The National Labor College's online financial empowerment project provides straight information about investing and financial security–and it doesn't try to sell any financial products. 
  • Union Plus Mortgage Assistance: If you've had a Union Plus home mortgage for a year or more, Union Plus Mortgage Assistance provides interest-free loans & grants to help make mortgage payments while you're locked out. 
  • Save My Home Hotline: HUD-certified counselors are available 24/7 for confidential, free consultations to help you manage your mortgage and get your financial house in order. 
  • Tips for Managing Utility Payments: Instructions on handling your bills when you're locked out or furloughed.
  • AFGE Furlough Toolkit: The American Federation of Government Employees has a variety of furlough and lockout assistance resources available to federal workers, including foreclosure aversion, mortgage assistance, credit and bankruptcy counseling, credit card assistance, insurance premium assistance and more (must be an AFGE member).

Resources for families losing benefits

California's local United Way Labor Community Services Liasons are also able to help struggling families who've lost paychecks, food stamps, unemployment, housing vouchers and other life-saving government services due to the shutdown. The United Way offers rent & mortgage assistance, food bags, utility and water bills, perscription medication subsidies and more for union families in need. Contact your local United Way representative: