Roofers, LA Labor Help Build Shelters for Migrant Families in Mexico

A delegation made up of Roofers Local 36, the LA Fed, and St. John’s traveled down to Tijuana, on Saturday, December 14 assisting migrant families seeking shelter at Templo Embajadores de Jesus, one of the biggest family shelters in Tijuana.

“Due to severe rainfall, the conditions of the shelters were not good. We were able to put 20 squares on to a new roof to four different structures, “said Cliff Smith, Business Manager of Roofers Local 36.  “The immigrants here from El Salvador and Haiti are workers.  They have families.  Working people need to understand that the circumstances of working people in any place affect working people everywhere. An injury to one is an injury to all.”

Our delegation also gave out toys for the children and volunteers spend the day design a new wellness center and day care.

“We have hundreds of people here who are simply looking for a better life,” said Father Gustavo Banda Aceves. “The majority of them will not make it to the United States and will be left in Mexico in a very vulnerable situation. We want to create a clinic and school for all those children who have lost years traveling from country to country and have now made it here to Mexico.”

Templo Embajaderos de Jesus is the largest family health shelter in Tijuana housing hundreds of migrant families. They are a critical support for asylum seekers coming from all over the world. Known as little Haiti, the shelter houses the largest number of Haitian refugees in Tijuana.

Thank you to the Roofers Union Local 36, St. John’s and everyone who helped make this possible. We will be heading back down on Sunday, January 5 to assist deported veterans in Tijuana. If you would like to help or want more information, please contact Rosemarie Molina at rosemarie@thelafed.org.