SEIU Gives Real People a Voice in Ads Supporting Jerry Brown for Governor

California’s next governor will shape the next generation’s future in significant ways – from how much we invest in their education to how clean their air and water will be.   SEIU is working hard to elect Jerry Brown this November because we need a Governor who will stand shoulder to shoulder with working people as we Rebuild California for our children and grandchildren.

Real families’ jobs and our kids’ futures are at stake, but when it comes to the big decisions facing California, billionaire CEO Meg Whitman wants to give a bigger seat at the table to Big Oil and other giant corporations.

We want real people to have a voice in this campaign. That’s why today SEIU launched a series of online commercials supporting Jerry Brown for governor, featuring three Californians who share our vision for Rebuilding California for our children and grandchildren.

Marilyn Friedman, Lilia Garcia, and Bruce Roberts’ statements about their dreams for California’s next generation were selected from among dozens submitted to www.LetsRebuildCA.org. Because Rebuilding California matters to all of us, the online vote was open to all members of the California public.

Marilyn Friedman is a working mom from Chico and has three children, two of whom have disabilities.

My dream is for my children and others like them to live in California where they are not discriminated against for their disability, but one where they are encouraged to achieve their own dreams.

Lilia Garcia, who lives in Los Angeles, was another winner. Garcia, a 46-year old community representative at a Los Angeles area elementary school, has two children and shared her dream that they – and all California children — will get a good education and be able to attend college.

I love to express myself about the need to fight for a better education. Education is my passion, my love. It’s what brought me to California. So I will continue to fight until we rebuild our educational system.

According to Bruce Roberts, a retired teacher who lives in Hayward:

I would like my granddaughters to live in a state where they have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. I want a clean environment for your grandkids, too.

Rebuilding California will take all of us, and we won’t let our future be shaped by Billionaire CEO Meg Whitman and her agenda to keep letting Big Oil and other giant corporations off the hook. 

We work hard so our children and grandchildren can have a shot at a bright future, and if we want a Governor who stands with real people, we need to get our voices out to support Jerry Brown.  

To view the commercials now, scroll down or visit www.LetsRebuildCA.org. And if you agree its time to elect Jerry Brown and Rebuild California for your kids and grandkids, share these videos — and your vision for Rebuilding California – with your friends and family.