Support Striking Marriott Workers!

Unite Here members need our help. For the last month, they’ve been on strike at Marriott-owned hotels in Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, risking everything in their fight for a fair contract. They have been joined by locals in other states, fighting the world’s largest hotel chain to do what’s right.

It is in all our interests these days that every strike be successful. Each success makes us all look stronger, and every less-than-successful strike diminishes each of us in the eyes of corporate employers.

As you know, low-wage workers need a special kind of courage to strike one of the world’s wealthiest corporations, especially members of locals with modest income and limited strike funds.

Here are the links to the Strike Funds:

Unite Here Local 2850 Oakland

Unite Here Local 30 San Diego

Unite Here Local 2 San Francisco

Unite Here Local 19 San Jose

Sign the Pledge to support Marriott hotel workers here

(See list of Marriott hotels on strike at www.marriotttravelalert.org )

Find more about the strikes at https://onejob.org/