Support Striking Workers at Marriott!

Going on strike takes courage. It also takes solidarity. In the last week, thousands of members of UNITE HERE went on strike in California and around the country to demand a living wage, safety on the job and protections in the workplace. Their rallying call: “One Job Should be Enough!”

UNITE HERE International President D. Taylor:

“I could not be more proud of the courage and solidarity of UNITE HERE hotel workers today, for stepping up to fight for a better life for themselves, their families, and all hotel workers across the industry. Marriott is the richest and most profitable hotel company in the world, and by taking them on in this historic hotel worker strike, UNITE HERE union members are going to change the lives of all workers in our industry.”

In California, picket lines are up at Marriott hotels in San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and Oakland. Other locations included in the strike are Boston, Detroit and Hawaii. The strike comes after months of negotiations by UNITE HERE locals with the massive hotel chain. Contracts have expired, and the company refuses to make meaningful progress on a host of issues including providing jobs that pay a living wage, securing job protection around automation, and workplace safety. UNITE HERE continues to demand the company bargain in good faith with the workers who do so much to make Marriott successful.

When workers are strike, solidarity is critical. We’re asking all allies of workers to sign the UNITE HERE petition in support of striking Marriott workers. Please take a minute to sign here.

These workers are not just fighting for a fair contract for themselves, they’re fighting for all of us. Show your support by signing the petition and if you live in San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego or Oakland, join workers on the picket line.

The bottom line: When working people stand together, we win!