Teamsters Union Denounces Corporate Greed, Demands United Airlines Deliver Fair Contract

Teamsters Union Denounces Corporate Greed, Demands United Airlines Deliver Fair Contract for Mechanics

by Rachel Warino 

Tomorrow Teamsters Aircraft Mechanics are standing together to join a nationwide day of action against United Airlines. Over 93% of the 9,000 mechanics nationwide voted to reject United Airline’s final offer and to authorize a strike. Teamsters in California will punch out for their lunch break and rally outside San Francisco International Airport to show solidarity with their coworkers across the country.

From Teamsters General President, Jim Hoffa: 

“The membership has spoken clearly. The final offer from United Airlines was soundly rejected today and the membership has authorized a strike because of the substandard proposition. At a time when United Airlines is incredibly profitable, it is clear that mechanics deserve a better offer from the company. United is profitable because of the dedication, passion and professionalism of their workers and the carrier needs to reflect those characteristics in their negotiating position. United needs to come back to the table and deliver an industry-leading contract for our hardworking mechanics.”

Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division emphasized the lack of fairness in United Airlines sub-par offer:

“The membership voted strongly against this substandard agreement. The idea of implementing B-Scale wages for incoming mechanics is unacceptable. There is no need to place the financial burden for this agreement on the backs of future mechanics. Executives at United Airlines are being compensated with million-dollar packages and the mechanics deserve their fair share.”

Read more about the local action on Facebook here. You can also follow the Teamsters on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the action and contract fight.