Tesla Workers Subject to Unsafe Work Environment, New Report Finds

There’s nothing more important on the job than safety.  No one should go to work putting themselves at risk of serious injury unnecessarily. Yet, at the Tesla factory in Fremont, that’s exactly what’s happening every day.

A report released today by Worksafe, a California nonprofit that advocates for better health and safety protections for workers, shows that Tesla’s own data demonstrates annual injury rates at its Fremont plant are significantly higher than industry averages.

In 2015—the last year for which industry-wide comparative data is available—Tesla’s overall injury rate in Fremont was one-third higher than the industry norm, and its serious injury rate (those involving job transfers or missed days) was well over double the average. That’s unacceptable.

“Employees have the right to get copies of a company’s injury reporting records so they can understand the potential hazards at their workplace, and that’s just what workers at Tesla chose to do,” said Doug Parker, Executive Director of Worksafe. “We analyzed their records and compare them to the automobile assembly industry as a whole.”

Telsa workers deserve better. Safety on the job should never be an afterthought. The fact that workers at Tesla, a company with vast resources,  are forced to risk their health on the job is troubling to say the least.

You can view a full copy of the report here.