Thank a Superhero Worker at San Diego Comic-Con

Every summer, San Diego welcomes more than 100,000 people to town for Comic-Con to celebrate “the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world.” For the better part of the week, downtown is transformed into a fantastic celebration of comics and art, with creative costumes and parties for every taste.

A celebration this elaborate doesn’t just happen though – it takes thousands of workers to make everything go. That includes the San Diego Convention Center decorators, electricians, stagehands, banquet servers, hotel workers, janitors, parking lot attendants and more who keep the show running.

It also means all the workers outside the Convention Center, like the restaurant workers, taxi cab drivers, pedicab operators, and valets that make sure the fun and the benefits of Comic-Con spread throughout San Diego. They're all ambassadors for our city, and they do an amazing job year after year making Comic-Con a wonderful experience for everyone.

But in the middle of so much fun, it’s often easy to forget about everything that goes on behind the scenes. That’s why we partnered with the AFL-CIO this year to go out to Comic-Con asking attendees to Thank a Superhero Worker. Both attendees and workers are wearing stickers in appreciation of all the hard work, and many of the best are being tweeted at the #ThankAWorker hashtag and shared on Facebook.

It’s so important this year to highlight all the workers that do so much to bring everyone such a great event. We know that work connects us all, and these workers deserve thanks for all their hard work to make Comic-Con possible. It’s a huge boost to the local economy and a great way for so many people to see San Diego.

If you’re joining us here in San Diego for Comic-Con, make sure to thank a superhero worker and keep an eye out for us handing out stickers. If you aren’t able to make it, you can follow along on Twitter and Facebook and help make sure that everyone remembers to thank all those workers who have put together such a great experience once again this year.