This is who we’re standing with on April 1

On Wednesday April 1st, all across the country, we will spread the news of the recent wage victory for Walmart employees and the message that we can’t stop until all workers are earning $15 and full time is an option for those who need it at Walmart. Just last month Walmart announced raises for 500,000 Walmart workers.  That’s $1 billion in money into Associates pockets! It’s a huge victory and a great start, but even with this raise many associates continue to struggle to support their families on low wages and too few hours.

That’s why workers are calling on Walmart to publicly commit to $15 an hour and access to full-time, consistent work. You can join them on April 1st.

Below are some of the Walmart associates you’ll be helping out on April 1!

Ed Daguioan: Walmart worker for 8 years

“My name is Ed Daguioan and I have worked at Walmart for 8 years now.  The impending Wage increase Walmart is giving is a step in the right direction towards a better quality of life for us Walmart Employees.  Join us on April 1st!”

Maria Sumagaysay: Walmart worker for 15 years

My name is Maria Sumagaysay and I have worked at Walmart for 15 years.  It is about time that Walmart employees get a raise so that we can all have a better quality of life.  The wage increase is a good start, but we need $15 and Full Time for the betterment of all.  Join us April 1st for our National Day of Action to get the word out!

Victoria Martinez, former Walmart worker, believed to have been illegally fired for participating in last year’s Black Friday Strikes.

“My name is Victoria Martinez and I worked at Walmart for almost 10 years.  I believe the recent wage increases at Walmart are a HUGE Victory for Associates.  But its not enough!  A FULL VICTORY would mean that Walmart associates will not have to go through the disrespect and retaliation that I went through every day just for speaking up for our rights as human beings.  It would also mean $15 and Full Time Hours for Associates everywhere.  Join us on our National Day of Action on April 1st at Walmarts across the country—we want to get the word out!”

Martha Sellers, Walmart worker for 10 years.

“My name is Martha Sellers and I’ve worked at Walmart for 10 years now. This wage increase is a victory and a step in the right direction to achieving our goal -RESPECT FOR ALL WALMART ASSOCIATES! Every time we've stood together we have made improvements at Walmart.  This victory just shows that they can do better.  Join us April 1st in getting the word out and as we continue to push for $15 and Full Time hours!



Stand with these and all other Walmart workers on April 1st!