Thousands unite with #Fightfor15 underpaid workers across CA for April 15th day of Action


Thousands took part in strikes and protests Wednesday in one of the largest mobilizations of underpaid working people in history. Actions across California from Los Angeles to Sacramento gave working people the opportunity to stand with low wage workers who bravely went on strike and walked out mid-shift to send the message: we will not stop until $15 and a union.


These widespread actions in support of higher wages and the right to a union show how the “Fight for $15” and a union has grown into a social justice movement that has spread worldwide (link to Barcelona tweet). People are standing up–not only for fast-food workers who started this movement over two years ago, but for child care providers,  home care providers, adjunct faculty, security officers, and Walmart workers, and so many more.


In Los Angeles, speaking to a diverse crowd of workers and allies standing in solidarity, Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the California Labor Federation, said:


“Our time has come. We are not going back. We will disrupt, demand, organize but we will not stop until we get what we want, Fight for the $15. Workers deserve a raise.”

You can see more of Pulaski’s speech here.


Looking aheadTime's Rana Foroohar wrote, “Politicians are going to have to grapple with this in the election cycle, because as the latest round of wage protests makes clear, the issue isn't going away anytime soon.” Some CA elected leaders are already on it.


Several local elected leaders have promised support for the movement and for workers. In Berkeley during the march, Mayor Ruth Atkin of Emeryville, CA told the crowd of plans to raise the wage in her city:


“Keep your eyes on our town, we will make history for workers!”


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