Top Five Reasons Carly Fiorina “No Es Mi Amiga”

Much like her CEO pal Meg “Wall Street” Whitman, GOP Senate candidate “Corporate” Carly Fiorina has been pretending to be a friend to Latinos as of late, in a cynical ploy to garner votes.

But the more Latinos learn about the real Carly, the less they like. The fact is, Fiorina’s positions on the issues that Latinos care most about, like immigration, jobs, education and health care, put her in direct opposition to Latino values and California values.

SEIU-USWW President Mike Garcia:

Carly Fiorina is trying to get Latinos to vote for her, but her positions clearly demonstrate that she does not share our values as Latinos and she does not share our values as Californians. She is against comprehensive immigration reform, supports Arizona’s discriminatory SB 1070 and has outsourced California jobs. We will not be fooled.

To expose Fiorina’s hidden agenda, we’ve worked with Brave New Films and SEIU California to release a new online short produced by Brave New Films. The video, entitled “Carly No Es Mi Amiga,” highlights Fiorina’s far-right positions on immigration and other issues that matter most to Latinos (scroll down to view the video).

Today, dozens of Latino workers, supporters and labor leaders came out for the world premiere of “Carly No Es Mi Amiga,” which was held right outside of Fiorina’s Sacramento office. The film played numerous times on a screen so large Fiorina’s staff couldn’t help but see it.

As part of today’s video release, Brave New Films launched a new online campaign spotlighting the top five reasons why Carly Fiorina is no friend to Latinos:

1.            Fiorina thinks racial profiling is A-OK. She fiercely supports SB 1070  — the Arizona immigration law that essentially legalizes racial profiling. In fact, Fiorina was quoted saying, “This law [SB 1070] is necessary, because the federal government isn’t doing its job and the people in Arizona are in danger.”

2.            Fiorina opposes vital funding for education and health care in our communities. She spoke out against the emergency state aide bill, which saved the jobs of approximately 13,700-16,500 teachers in California and also funded Medicaid programs serving approximately seven million Californians.

3.            Fiorina is notorious for outsourcing and mass layoffs. While serving as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Fiorina fired 18,000 people and outsourced tens of thousands of jobs – a move she calls “right-shoring.” She still brags about this decision every chance she gets, and has said that her only regret is not firing those workers faster.

4.            Fiorina doesn’t care about the uninsured and the under-insured. She wants to repeal the new health care reform law, which provides much-needed access to affordable healthcare for as many as eight million uninsured Californians, as well as countless others with pre-existing conditions who have been denied care.

5.            Fiorina refuses to recognize the essential role that immigrant workers play in our community and economy. According to Fiorina, “Illegal immigration has eroded Americans' trust in government, threatened our national security and hurt our fellow Californians.”

Carly’s job-cutting proposals would devastate Latino workers who, like all Californians, are struggling with the economic devastation caused by her friends on Wall Street. She opposes health care reform that will benefit thousands of Latinos and has said she would cut-off unemployment checks for hundreds of thousands who are still looking for work during this economic crisis.

California Labor Federation’s Art Pulaski:

She's pushing more of the same failed policies that destroyed our economy and forced millions of Latinos and other workers into the unemployment line. The last thing California Latinos need is Carly's anti-immigrant, job-slashing agenda.

The bottom line, according to protestors today, is that despite Fiorina’s bogus rhetoric, “Carly No Es Mi Amiga.”


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