AFL-CIO President Trumka Rallies California Union Volunteers to Get out the Vote, Stop Prop 32

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka wasn’t about to let a little airplane mechanical trouble stop him from getting out the vote in California. Despite being delayed in Chicago for several hours, Trumka arrived in Sacramento Thursday afternoon fired up and ready to hit the doors with union volunteers.

Trumka, who is currently barnstorming across the country to get out the vote for President Obama and working family candidates, made stops yesterday and this morning in Sacramento, Modesto, Alameda and San Francisco to participate in California Labor’s largest member mobilization in history to defeat Prop 32, pass Prop 30 and elect candidates who will stand up for working people.

Trumka was joined by Sacramento Labor Council leader Bill Camp, California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski, Rep. John Garamendi and congressional candidates Dr. Ami Bera and Jose Hernandez to rally volunteers in key areas of Northern California and the Central Valley.

Trumka acknowledged volunteers for the extraordinary grassroots effort to defeat the deceptive Prop 32, a measure that would silence workers while giving even more power to billionaires, Super PACs and CEOs.

Prop 32 isn’t about fairness or balance. It’s about putting a muzzle on working people. No one is going to shut up the American worker. This is our country and it’s about time we took it back! Prop 32 is bad for democracy. It’s bad for working people and it’s bad for America.

Garamendi said this election is critical to the future of California’s middle class.

Working men and women are coming together to express themselves to say we want a voice today and in the future. Working people are saying No to Prop 32 because the voice of our middle class is the voice of America.

Trumka said the work that’s happening in California to elect Garamendi, Bera, Hernandez and Rep. Jerry McNerney has national implications for creating a more worker-friendly Congress after two years of Republican control. And, Trumka said, the outcome of the California races could determine whether we have Speaker Boehner for another two years or Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Garamendi has seen millions in Super PAC money attacking him and other congressional Democrats in Northern California. But, he said to a packed crowd of union volunteers in Sacramento, that money can never match the power of grassroots mobilization.


I don’t care how much the Super PACs spend. We’re going to win and we’re going to win because of the support of volunteers like you.

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