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All In to Win

California Labor is All In to Win

California Labor has launched a new plan for organizing. “All In to Win” supports
large-scale, strategic organizing campaigns that lift up the Labor Movement and build
momentum for more organizing success. Using our collective strength and our political power, unions and Labor Councils can elevate these campaigns to victory. Join us in going ALL IN!

Silicon Valley Security at Apple/Google (SEIU USWW)

Service Workers are on the front lines of the fight for a union and to challenge income inequality. Now USWW is taking on corporate giants Apple and Google in the heart of Silicon Valley in a campaign to improve standards in one of the state’s fastest growing industries: security. California Labor is All In to tell Apple and Google to use responsible security contractors and help build a better life for thousands of workers in this industry.

Click here for the latest information on security campaigns


Making Change at Walmart (UFCW)

For decades, this corporate giant has threatened good union jobs by driving down wages and working standards in the retail industry. OurWalmart is an organization led by courageous Walmart workers who are fighting for respect and changing the national conversation on low-wage work. California Labor is All In to say no to a Walmart economy and to stand with Walmart workers to fight for better.

Click here for the latest information on Our Walmart


Central Valley Food Processing (TEAMSTERS)

For a generation of Latino farmworkers in the Central Valley, union cannery jobs were the best path out of poverty and into the middle class. The Teamsters Joint Council 7 is committed to rebuilding that opportunity for immigrant workers in food
processing and dairies. California Labor is All In to build worker power in the Central Valley and rebuild the American Dream for immigrant families.

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