Walmart and Hyatt Workers to Visit .00001% in San Francisco

Greg Penner and Carrie Walton Penner aren’t just part of the 1%. They’re part of the .000001%. The Penners are members of the wealthiest family in the United States, the Walton family, which owns of Walmart. Greg Penner sits on the board of both Walmart and Hyatt corporations.

On Thursday, workers from Walmart and Hyatt and their supporters will be paying a visit to the Penners outside a high-priced fundraiser in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Ms. Walton Penner is a co-host of the event. 

The Walton family is the face of the 1%. Six members of the Walton family have a total wealth of greater than $100 billion. In fact, these six Waltons have more wealth than the bottom 30% of American families combined.   

Meanwhile, Walmart workers make an average of just $8.81/hour.  For “full-time” workers (which, by Walmart standards, mean 34 hours/week), this amounts to just $15,500 a year.    

But, it isn’t just Walmart workers who are hurt by Walmart.  Walmart is destroying small businesses across the country, and some studies have suggested that the company destroys three jobs for every two it “creates.”   

As if this wasn’t enough, Penner also sits on the board of Hyatt — the most abusive employer in the hotel industry.  The company’s aggressive use of subcontracting allows it to pay housekeepers poverty wages while evading legal liability for unsafe working conditions.    

Just last year, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA ) and its state counterparts issued 18 citations against the Hyatt at 11 hotels ,and 3 citations against one of the Hyatt’s housekeeping subcontractors at one of those hotels. The citations alleged violations of various safety regulations, and proposed over $100,000 in penalties.

Walmart and Hyatt have the power to address these problems, and the Walton family has a particular responsibility to step forward and play an active role in helping to create quality, safe jobs.     

The event on Thursday is an opportunity for workers to make their voices heard to people like Greg and Carrie Penner who are often hidden behind large walls or tinted glass. We encourage you to attend this action and support Walmart and Hyatt workers.  Meet Thursday, April 19 at 5pm outside the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118.  Click here to learn more and RSVP on Facebook.


For more information on these campaigns, please visit The Walmart 1 Percent or Hyatt Hurts.