Walmart Employee Calls on Top Executives to Resign in Light of Bribery Scandal and Cover Up

In light of reports that Walmart not only bribed public officials in Mexico, but that top executives had known of the scandal and chose to cover it up, one employee is questioning whether she can trust Walmart with her future.

Walmart employee and OUR Walmart member Venanzi Luna:

I’ve given a lot to this company, and I’m very angry that top executives at Walmart are said to be involved in bribing public officials in Mexico, and then trying to cover the whole thing up. I’m worried because while I am working hard, now I’m hearing that they’re risking our company by lying and cheating. For years, my coworkers and I have been saying that this company has lost its way. I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad!

Luna decided that something needed to be done. She started her own petition calling for the resignation of Walmart CEO Mike Duke and Chairman Rob Walton, as well as a thorough and independent investigation into what really happened. Her petition received over 4,000 signatures within the first day it was posted.

The reported cover-up by Walmart executives at the highest levels is the latest evidence that a culture of lawlessness dominates the highest levels of the company’s leadership.  Walmart employees have experienced this first hand; time-and-time again workers have been forced to resort to legal action to protect themselves from discrimination, to ensure their rights are not violated and to simply receive an hour’s pay for an hour worked.

Said Luna:

It is time for things to change. Walmart needs to take responsibility for its actions and change its leadership.

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