Warehouse Workers to Wal-Mart Subcontractor: “We’re Not Going to Take It!”

In October, the State of California raided and cited the labor agencies who staff the warehouses run by Schneider Logistics in Mira Loma, one of the biggest Walmart-contracted distribution centers in the country. These citations exceeded $1 million in recordkeeping violations alone. The investigation into the broad scale and systematic wage theft reported by these warehouses workers is still under investigation by the State of California.

In addition, the workers at the warehouse filed a complaint in federal court, because they repeatedly worked more than 16 hours straight without breaks or overtime, they are paid in confusing and deceptive ways often resulting in not just the denying of all wages due but also in widespread minimum wage violations , and that the warehouse managers retaliated by firing and disciplining workers who ask for their full wages.

Now, the workers who have led this campaign to demand that their right to the minimum wage and overtime pay be respected have been told that their employment will end February 24. Workers should not be kicked to the curb for demanding their basic rights!

On Wednesday January 18, join with workers as they demand that they not lose their jobs for standing up for their rights. Walmart must take responsibility for the companies that operate in their supply chain and demand that its contractors follow the law and treat their workers with dignity, as their own Code of Ethics dictates. Join the rally on Wednesday at 9:30 AM at Schneider Logistics (4100 Hamner in Mira Loma).

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