We May Sell Peanuts, But We Shouldn’t Have to Work for Them

I’ve worked concessions at Giants games since 1978. Back then, a 24-ounce beer cost $3.75 and the average ticket to a game was less than $4.00.  I was working the World Series at Candlestick in 1989 when the earthquake hit.  All the people at the park became united and strong during the emergency.  All the workers helped each other.  When we moved to AT&T Park, we started working for a new concessionaire, now called Centerplate, but we’ve always worked for Giants fans.

My older son Damon started wrapping hot dogs with me in 1990, when he was 14 years old.  He worked his way up to being a stand manager over 12 years before he passed away.  My younger son Timothy works at AT&T Park too while he’s attending college. 

The past three years have been exciting at AT&T Park, with two World Series wins and a sell-out every night. But even though the price of a beer has gone all the way up to $10.25, my co-workers and I have been hit with wage freezes.  While many of us scrape by with multiple jobs, living paycheck to paycheck in low-income housing, Centerplate and the Giants are raking it in.  Every game is sold out, and the lines for garlic fries and hot dogs are longer than ever.  The value of the Giants has increased 40% and its revenues have risen 14% while we’ve been rewarded with a Giant Zero

Our primary dispute is with Centerplate, a South Carolina based company subcontracted by the Giants to run concessions at AT&T Park.  Our contract with Centerplate expired in 2010, and we have been unable to reach a new deal.  Centerplate’s proposal would severely limit our access to health care and maintain the past three years of wage freezes.  That’s why we’ve voted to authorize a strike at AT&T Park.  We’re fighting to achieve fair wage increases, affordable healthcare, and job security.

Centerplate has stated that the Giants take more than 50% of all food and beverage revenues.  That means that out of a $10 beer, Centerplate is left with less than $5 to pay for the beer, the delivery of the beer, the workers' wages and benefits, and still earn a profit.

The giant share that the Giants take is a big part of the problem!

We love our jobs, and we love Giants fans.  We’re just trying to do a little better for our families.  

You can help us! Click here to sign the petition and tell the Giants and Centerplate to take care of the workers who take care of the fans!

Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the game!