Why CSU Faculty Are Ready to Strike!

Why CSU Faculty Are Ready to Strike!

by Niesha Gates

California State University (CSU) faculty and students marched to the state Capitol this morning to rally for fair pay for salary and investment in the CSU.  The California Faculty Association (representing CSU professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors & coaches) have been fighting for a fair contract for over two years. Their potential strike dates will be April 13-15 and April 18-19 if the statutory process fails to produce an agreement. Check out the video below to learn about their fight and why they are willing to go on stike!

Faculty and students also spoke to lawmakers about the new factfinder’s report, which validates the CFA’s position of a 5% salary increase for all faculty and a Service Salary Increase (SSI) for eligible faculty (43% of CSU faculty). 

Take Action! If you haven't yet, follow CFA on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on their contract fight. And follow/use the hashtag #CFAFightFor5