Workers stand together for $15 and full time at Walmart

“If we can change Walmart, we can change the World”

It was with this spirit that workers from around California united at dozens of Walmart locations to educate customers and staff about the recent wage victory for Walmart workers and to let them know that the fight is not over. We will not stop until workers earn a living wage and have access to full time work.

Responding to pressure from workers across the country, Walmart agreed to raise the wage for all workers to $10 per hour last month. While this is a big victory for workers, it’s clear that this still doesn’t come close to being enough for working people to live on.

As Mother Jones reports:

“Workers who qualify for the $10 base wage by working at least 34 hours a week, which Walmart considers “full time,” would still earn only $17,680 a year—well below the cutoff for many federal assistance programs, especially if a worker has children.”

If you couldn’t make it out to one of the actions today, you can still contribute! Between today and April 15th, you can visit your local Walmart and speak directly to the workers. Just tell OURWalmart where you're going here. You can also download flyers to pass out here.

Visit OURWalmart for more information and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on the national Fight for $15 day of action, visit April15th.org.

See you in the streets!