Working People Win Big in Key California Primary Races

Working People Win Big in Key California Primary Races

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski

“Working people won big in key races throughout the state last night after weeks of mobilizing to support candidates who share our values. Thousands of union volunteers knocked on doors, made phone calls and contacted voters online about the stakes in the primary election, propelling candidates who stand with workers on a range of issues like workplace safety, better wages and good jobs.

“In addition to every statewide labor-endorsed candidate advancing to the general election, there were several notable victories in state legislative and local races.

“In Senate District 4, North Valley Labor Federation Executive Director Tim Robertson advanced to the general election with a plurality of the vote. He’ll likely face another Democrat in November in what was considered a Republican-leaning district.

“In Assembly District 20, Alameda Labor Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer Liz Ortega leads all candidates and will advance to November’s general election.

“In Assembly District 40, Pilar Schiavo, formerly with the California Nurses Association and San Francisco Labor Council, advanced to the general election.

“In San Jose, former South Bay Labor Council leader and current Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez advanced to November’s runoff election for Mayor, leading all candidates.

“The primary mobilization was just the leading edge of a broad volunteer-led campaign to elect pro-worker candidates up and down the ballot. Union volunteers are more motivated than ever to hit the streets this summer and fall in support of candidates who will fight for us on core issues that determine the future of our state.”